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April 24 2018

Green Genie SEO is a search engine marketing company that prides itself on a detailed analysis of your search marketing needs. Unlike many large SEO firms that outsource critical tasks overseas, we take care of all the critical elements right here in Bowmanville Ontario Canada. Keyword research is a critical element to your online marketing success. No offense to the competence of people from overseas in the tech department but can you seriously rely on someone who is not intimately familiar with the English language to carry out proper keyword research when the subtleties of language are so critical to the success of this task. I think not! Our specialty is Local SEO but we can accommodate e-commerce or national company campaigns as well. We start with a detailed video analysis of your site and an analysis of your top competition all free of charge. Fill out the Discovery Form on our main page and let’s get started today. Green Genie SEO, 2953 Durham Regional Highway 2, East RR#4, 1-905-233-2488 https://greengenieseo.com Facebook Twitter Yelp Blogspot.ca Alignable Google Plus Jimdo Weebly Wixsite Weebly
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